Photographer: Ilana Saltzman

I believe in giving you and your pet an experience to remember.
Hey! My name is Ilana, creator by day and comedian by night. Pet photography has always had a special place in my heart. I've loved pets since I was born. Until the age of 9 my family wasn't ready for a dog. I begged them all the time. At 9, it got to the point where I claimed a house spider as a pet (I put it in an empty water bottle and named it!). My mom finally told my dad we need to get a dog. 

My first dog was a Cockapoo - her name was Lulu. By the time I started working with photography professionally, Lulu passed away (naturally, thankfully). After her passing, my family realized we couldn't live life without a dog. We decided to rescue a shih-poo, Pepper! Of course I wan't going to miss out on photographing Pepper.

I view my photography style as vivid, playful, and quirky with the intention to always capture one's truest personality. The bond between a pet and their owner has always intrigued me, so I wanted to capture that relationship between my dad and Pepper. To do this, I set up a little space and captured Pepper and my dad watching the superbowl together (pictured below). 

Let's just say everyone was obsessed with it and wished I did this with Lulu! Well - I soon became addicted to photographing people and pets doing activities together. Thus, Me & My Pet Photography was born.  Pets are basically human. Let's show that. I'm not your average pet photographer. Even with solo pet portraits, I allow the pet to just be themselves. I focus on their personality and expressions. Authenticity is key to a great pet portrait. 

I want you to experience a photoshoot with your pet - whether that is together or just of your pet. Any pets are welcome: from dogs and cats all the way to insects and lizards. 
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